Finance Solutions that Transform Businesses

We have established relationships with lending partners ranging from challenging credit  to excellent credit and start-up to established. Our lending partners have financed more than 500 plus industries. When a merchant applies we take the time to connect them with the right financial product. Our funding specialists will work directly with the merchant, in a fast, friendly and committed style.


Factoring is purchasing commercial account receivables at a discount. A business can sell invoices for instant cash up to 85%.

We are much more concerned with the credit worthiness of your customers than with your current financial condition. If you have commercial customers, then factoring could be a great solution for you to grow your business!

Merchant Cash Advance

Simply put, a Merchant Cash Advance is an advance of cash against "future" receivables from your business. A Merchant Cash Advance is not a loan, but the actual purchase of a portion of your future receipts. Typically, the advances are short term 6 to 18 months. Though a Merchant Cash Advance is considered "expensive" financing, it is also one of the most readily available options for retail operations.

Term Loans

A short-term loan operates somewhat like a traditional term loan, but you pay back the money, plus interest, with daily or weekly payments over 3 to 18 months. Probably the most obvious reason to consider a business term loan is to invest in an expansion opportunity for your business. Expansion is a great way to make sure your profits do not plateau and shrink.

Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance is a unique financial tool used to finance the manufacturing of goods for large orders by creditworthy customers. Typically, it works hand-in-hand with factoring.

When a contract manufacturer or distributor receives a firm, large order for goods and does not have the inventory to deliver nor the ability to pay for the goods to be built, a purchase order finance company will provide a letter of credit or similar guarantee mechanism so the goods can be made and delivered.

Asset Based

Use your business assets as collateral to provide financing. Traditionally, asset-based loans are those secured by your accounts (invoices) and by your inventory. In some cases asset-based lenders will also use equipment as collateral. Unlike factors who actually purchase your accounts monthly, asset-based lenders lend against your assets. Your business will therefore need a certain level of established credit history, although typically less than for a financial statement loan as provided by most banks.

Commercial Mortgage Broker

By working with a Commercial Mortgage Broker, you usually get a cheaper deal, if not the cheapest, as well as the best rates, a lot faster than it would take to find them yourself.  The reality is there are several ways you can save money by engaging the services of a broker who will provide assistance with your commercial real estate financing needs and objectives.  One of the major advantages that a person would get is the amount of time that will be saved when they get a commercial mortgage broker.