Our Team is Committed to Excellence

The principles of MerchantFinanceConnection.com have more than forty five (45) years combined not only in assisting merchants in locating the “perfect fit” between a finance partner and merchants, but in other arenas as well. Our management team has experience in all aspects of the restaurant business, including ownership of restaurants and retail businesses; the advertising industry; business to business sales; retail; credit card processing and most importantly, in operating businesses.

About Us

Committed to Excellence since 1997

Our business experience has led us to the understanding that you need assurances of timely, cost-effective and comprehensive fulfillment of the business owner's working capital needs. The finance partners you will be matched with are among the leading providers of alternative small business financial programs. We screen for finance partners who provide the finance programs that have the lowest rates, flexible payment schedules, and expedient funding. Our goal is to build long lasting financial relationships between you and your new finance partner.