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When a merchant signs on with our credit card processor, he/she can trust that the experience and quality of service will be nothing less than outstanding. It is our oath that any new merchant receives prompt initialization, and that no merchant is treated any differently than the next. We take pride in our ability to be efficient and expedient.

Our Sales Representatives understand the importance of a merchant's experience with his/her credit card processing company, which is why we offer the best equipment on the market at very competitive prices. We support and guarantee a certain level of satisfaction that is unmatched in the industry. We understand that each merchant is unique, and therefore must be treated as such. Every option available will be presented to the merchant by the Sales Representative, leaving it to the merchant to decide what the best choice is.

Quality service starts with a positive sales experience. Our Sales Representatives will guide merchants in the direction the merchant wants to go. We don't hide our costs or fees; we are up front about them. We don't have any hidden agendas: our agenda is the merchant who chooses to process credit cards through us.

Personalized Approach
We recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike. To meet your individual needs, you want a service plan that is customized to your specifications. The first step to reaching your goals is to talk about your plans and goals with your Sales Representative. Your Sales Representative will take the time to get to know you, and to gain a full understanding of the options available to you.

Objective Advice
Your most valuable tool in creating an effective payment solutions plan is reliable expertise. You may need advice on a variety of topics, such as how to make the best of your ability to accept credit card payments, what retail equipment is best suited to your industry, or customizing your account in order to meet the needs of your growing business.

Rates are an important factor, but they are only one of many you need to consider. Make sure you get a full summary of rates and fees, regardless of which merchant services provider you talk to. Consider the entire package, including any equipment or software costs as well as whether you are locked into a long term contract or have cancelation fees. Ask who provides the tier 1 support should you have questions or problems.

We will provide your retail storefront with the processing solutions to accept all major credit cards. We specialize in the Marijuana Despensary Industry.

We offer a wide selection of credit card processing products and solutions in the industry. Everything you need to run your business more smoothly no matter your size or industry.

  • Accept all major credit cards with quick card authorizations
  • Reliable service and support
  • Options to fit your needs including networked, integrated, PC or stand-alone systems
  • Customized reporting features for the retail industry
  • Track transaction activity by a tracking number or name




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