Canadian Business Financing

Starting a business from scratch can be very difficult. Especially a business that requires a lot of start-up capital. Banks usually require a lot of documents and there is huge amount of paperwork to be done.  

Canadian Business Financing can provide you with a safe provision of capital for starting up your own business, if the merchant qualifies.  We provide funding to all kinds of businesses, be it big, medium or small and while most qualify, there are underwriting guidelines that have to be adhered to. We do not have funding sources for all, business types, and all situations, but anyone and any size of the business can qualify based on the underwriting criteria. We provide the amount the merchant qualifies for, not the required or demanded amount the customer requests. Those who come to us with a loan requirement for his/her business, may or may not get the full amount requested, depending on the qualifications of the merchant and his or her business, and current situation.

All our dealings are genuine and there is nothing hidden. We believe in ethical practices and providing services that are genuine and bounded by the law at all times.  With any funding provider, or agent, nothing is in stone, until the funding company, puts in in writing, for the merchant to review and sign the contract.

Merchant Finance Connection provides business funding to the all kinds of businesses in Canada and The United States Of America. The primary requirement is that a business needs to be in business, for a minimum of 6 months, and some funding providers require 9 months. Irregularities are understandable and we accept that, after all we are all human, but can cause a RED Flag with the funding providers underwriter, so it’s best to have all your ducks in a row, before applying. If there are discrepancies in your accounts and you worried that you may get rejected for funding, then, get it handled before you submit and application and docs to any company.

Hence if there is absolutely any problem and you are in need for some capital either to start a business or maintain a business in the states or in Canada and you have nowhere to turn to, then come to Merchant Finance Connection and we will provide you with the gateway to the funding that you need very easily and with the least amount of hassle that we can. Whatever might be the reason or need, or however big or small the business or amount is, we assist you to always find the solution with Canadian Business Financing programs.

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